Dressing Up For The Outdoors

Dressing Up For The Outdoors

Fashionable clothes and the outdoors are two things that typically don’t go hand-in-hand, but I have always wanted to put something together that honored both my passions. I used to think that dressing up for the outdoors communicated you were not an outdoorsy person, but I've learned to release that story and enjoy dressing up for something I love, even if it's meant to be a sport/hobby/activity where you get dirty and do hard things.

We can still do hard things and look cute doing them.

I don’t know what it is about dressing up for the outdoors, but doing it has sparked some of my  best adventures. Sending a few of my first outdoor climbs, hiking in the desert, and camping by the lake are some of my favorite memories. Might be the placebo effect of looking good and feeling good.

And I’m such a sucker for the perfect Adventure Girl outfit. I know - it’s so unnecessary and extra, but I am unfortunately that kind of person, and the memories I make are also tied to the clothes I wear. I hope that in sharing this with you, it will inspire you to cherish your memories with something that is significant to you whether it be dressing up, taking photos or videos, even buying the tiniest souvenir to remember your most memorable days.

Malaya collections include pieces you can wear on your next memorable adventures whether you’re embracing nature, exploring the city, taking a new active class, or living your greatest, free life and doing hard things. Make those memories last and feel good while doing them.

This is for you, you chic adventurer.

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