Surrounding Yourself With The Right People

Surrounding Yourself With The Right People

Sometimes it takes fighting your relentless social anxiety and fears of rejection to put yourself out there and find the right people for you.

I’m extremely grateful for the day that I gathered the courage to talk to the people in my outdoor community. They made me feel safe enough to trust that I could be vulnerable with them even at my lowest, and that’s the scariest part - putting yourself in a vulnerable place so you can connect with another person.

Even though there are times where it's been a while since we get together, every hangout, every outdoor trip, coffee date or dinner feels like no time has passed. I know when I’m with my friends I am still loved and supported no matter what phase of life I am in.

And that is part of having Malaya as well -
Surrounding yourself with people that believe in the life you are trying to create.
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